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Naledi Rail Engineering is dedicated to developing local talent in the railway engineering industry. Our goal is to create jobs for those in the community who would otherwise have no options. As part of this goal, Naledi Rail Engineering recruits unskilled and semi-skilled individuals in the surrounding communities and gives them the option of training within the field.

As part of the Naledi Rail Engineering training programme, we aim to equip these individuals with the skills necessary to work within the railway industry. Our training programme is also part of our corporate social responsibility, as we at Naledi Rail Engineering believe strongly in furthering education in South Africa. After all, the learners of today, are the leaders of tomorrow.

Learnership programme done by students from Life skills community projects

Letter of thanks to Naledi (2)

Our training programmes include skills development in the following areas:

  • Railway Engineering Apprenticeship
  • Leadership skills
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