Naledi Rail Engineering strive to be the most reliable and sustainable railway company in the industry and safety is therefore imperative. Whether we are producing passenger or freight stock, we understand the value of what is being transported. As a result, all items conform to the required safety and quality standards before leaving our premises.

The Naledi Rail Engineering team conforms to all Rail Safety regulations and are assessed on an annual basis. We operate with openness, allowing full transparency regarding all operations and maintenance procedures.

Rail Safety Regulator

The Rail Safety Regulator is dedicated to maintaining a high standard of safety within the railway industry. Their mission is to oversee and promote safe railway operations through appropriate support, monitoring and enforcement, guided by an enabling regulatory framework. This system has been put in place to make sure that all railway industry companies maintain a standard of assurance to ensure public safety.

As safety is of vital importance to Naledi Rail Engineering, we welcome all assessments and regulations put forward by the Rail Safety Regulator. We are currently fully assessed and approved by the Rail Safety Regulator of South Africa. Naledi Rail Engineering conforms to all regulations and have all the required permits to operate safely within the railway industry.

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