Quality of product and services is of great importance to the Naledi Rail Engineering team. We understand that poor quality products can cost you in the long run and we work hard to maintain the highest standard of quality products by using only the best technology.

Our commitment to producing the highest quality performance is two-fold, giving you a guarantee of both high-standard products and excellent service. The Naledi Rail Engineering team values your loyalty to our brand and this motivates our desire to perform at our best.

As a result, we at Naledi Rail Engineering maintain a philosophy of ‘Zero Defects’. We always aim to do every job right the first time by conforming to all requirements, even at the smallest level. We are also ISO 9001 accredited, further affirming our commitment to quality control.

ISO 9001 Accredited

Naledi Rail Engineering values the importance of quality management, that is why we have made sure to achieve ISO 9001 accreditation. ISO 9001 accreditation is well established around the world as an invaluable Quality Management System standard and reinforces the quality of our management processes.

The process encompasses the entire organisation and has the full buy-in of all Naledi Rail Engineering senior management, management and employees. In order to achieve this accreditation, we have demonstrated that we can meet the regulatory requirements and apply the system effectively to be of real benefit to you.

This immediate and public confirmation of our quality of skills and services supplements our promise of excellent customer service, service delivery and competitive pricing.

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