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Naledi Rail Engineering was founded with the intention to foster local talent within the railway industry. As a result, we employ 165 employees with projections showing a predicted increase to 220 by 2017. Our employees are all experts in railway engineering and are well equipped to deal with any challenge presented to them. The Naledi Rail Engineering workforce is incredibly diverse with employees of all demographics being represented.

Employees are a vital element to any business and Naledi Rail Engineering understands that nurturing our employees is of great benefit to both our business and yours. Part of the mission of Naledi Rail Engineering is to create more opportunities for black graduates within the industry. As a result, we work to place them alongside experienced qualified technicians as on-site mentors.

Employee Development

Naledi Rail Engineering believes in developing our employees. We have programmes in place that help develop the skills of our employees and further empowers them within the industry. The goal of our employee development structure is to establish long-term relationships and foster respect within the community.

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